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Solar Incentives

There are many great financial incentives for the installation of solar for your home or business. The following are some of the programs that are in-place to reduce the financial burden of solar installation and get you on-the-way to helping create a cleaner California.


Solar Power California


Solar Energy California





Solar Power Roseville California

Solar Power Sacramento California

We asked DC solar to provide us with enough panels to zero out our PG&E electric bill and do it only with American made products. That is exactly what they did! We were very happy with the way they walked us through exactly what would happen; from the installation process, but also the paper work to receive all the proper Tax and PG&E credits. They gave us dates for install and it happened just the way they said it would, which to us, is very important. The panels look great! I am even happy with the way they look and blend into the home. We are also very pleased with the performance of our panels. They do exactly what we were told they would do. We did the right thing and feel good about supplying our own electricity to power our home. We highly recommend having solar power and having DC Solar do the work.Jeff ERB

Kudos to DC Solar

From The Union Newspaper 12/4/12 We want to let people know of a great local solar company, DC Solar. This fall we had damage to our solar panels and proceeded to go through quite a lot of grief trying to get answers for repair/replace, etc. After several weeks of no help from any other local solar company, including the original installer, DC Solar repaired the damaged panels in half a day’s time at a fraction of the cost we were getting told was needed to fix the problem. We are back up and running and DC Solar is our new solar go-to. Jim and MarnaJim and Marna