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We are a full service Solar Electric service provider.  From upgrading the lighting in your home to energy efficient LED lighting to designing and building a shade structure, to installing a PV Solar System, we can handle any project from start to finish as one contractor and make the process enjoyable, easy, and seamless for our customers.


Energy Audits

DC Solar Electric will provide a comprehensive Energy Audit on your current energy use and provide recommendations on the right equipment to reach your goals and within your budget. These energy audits are required to receive most incentives offered by the state, city and federal providers of these rebates.

Solar Electric Systems

Dc Solar Electric provides solar electric PV panel systems that will help you reduce your total energy costs and dependency on the utility companies. Our solar electric systems installed are designed, engineered and installed by DC Solar Electric using the highest quality components from leading solar manufactures.

These systems can be designed to be on-grid or off-grid depending on your energy goals and location of the installation. This a complete integration into a new home, retrofit, standalone structures and even ground mounted systems – any location that provides the best

We provide a lifetime guarantee and manage the entire process for the system design & engineering, the permitting process, rebate paperwork and the complete installation – one contractor that makes the whole process seamless!

Energy efficiency upgrades to homes and businesses


Full service lighting and electric designs and installations



Design/Build Structures

While experts in our solar and energy capabilities, we are able to leverage our 35years as part of the Stevens Family of companies to provide a complete solution to any requirement you may have or may need for the installation of your solar solution.  In this partnership, we can design and build any structure with the same expertise and craftsmanship we provide as DC Solar Electric.

Custom homes

As part of the Stevens Family of companies, we are able to provide complete custom homes that are built from your plans or ours and can incorporate Solar Energy, Solar Water Heating and High efficiency Lighting, making the home energy efficient for the future. For more information please visit for our portfolio of projects and services we provide.

Shade/patio solar structures

Are you looking for a little shade, while becoming more energy efficient and less dependent on the utility company? Let us design a custom shade or patio structure that incorporates the solar electric panels  – this is a great way to provide a little relief from the sun (not to mention from the utility company) and standalone structure for placement of your entire system or as part of a larger system design.

Car/RV solar structures, etc…

Are you thinking on installing a new car/rv structure or do you already have one that can be utilized as part of you solar installation? These structures are a great way to incorporate your new solar electric system, while providing protection for your vehicle investment.

We asked DC solar to provide us with enough panels to zero out our PG&E electric bill and do it only with American made products. That is exactly what they did! We were very happy with the way they walked us through exactly what would happen; from the installation process, but also the paper work to receive all the proper Tax and PG&E credits. They gave us dates for install and it happened just the way they said it would, which to us, is very important. The panels look great! I am even happy with the way they look and blend into the home. We are also very pleased with the performance of our panels. They do exactly what we were told they would do. We did the right thing and feel good about supplying our own electricity to power our home. We highly recommend having solar power and having DC Solar do the work.Jeff ERB

Kudos to DC Solar

From The Union Newspaper 12/4/12 We want to let people know of a great local solar company, DC Solar. This fall we had damage to our solar panels and proceeded to go through quite a lot of grief trying to get answers for repair/replace, etc. After several weeks of no help from any other local solar company, including the original installer, DC Solar repaired the damaged panels in half a day’s time at a fraction of the cost we were getting told was needed to fix the problem. We are back up and running and DC Solar is our new solar go-to. Jim and MarnaJim and Marna