Spring Cleaning Tips for your Solar Panels

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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Solar Panels

With limited maintenance, your solar system will operate at peak performance for many years. As we approach the warmer spring months this year, here are some suggestions from our DC Solar team for seasonal care during these spring months.

In most cases, rainfall will take care of the majority of dirt and other debris on your solar panels. In the event that heavy soiling remains after the winter rain season, a generous amount of water poured over your panels should suffice for cleaning your panels efficiently. If you are faced with a case of a heavy layer of dust or sand, your solar panels may be cleaned with a soft-bristled brush. Never pressure wash or walk on your panels. Always be cautious not to apply anything to your modules what would scratch or cause damage to the anti-reflective glass surface of your panels.

“Typically we see an average of 5-10% performance loss with dirty panels,” said Chasin Scott, Vice President. “It is very easy to use water to clean the panels yourself.  The most difficult part is getting on, around and off of your roof safely.”

We are happy to let you know that DC Solar offers professional panel cleaning. The average cost is about $7.00 per panel.  If you would like to schedule an appointment please give us a call at (916) 741-0643 for our Placer County Office or (530) 432-8114 for our Nevada County Office.

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