How a Local Firefighter Used DC Solar Donates to Give Back to His Favorite Teacher

//How a Local Firefighter Used DC Solar Donates to Give Back to His Favorite Teacher

How a Local Firefighter Used DC Solar Donates to Give Back to His Favorite Teacher

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One of our favorite aspects of DC Solar Donates is hearing the stories of those who invest in solar with us and give back to the community in impactful ways. Tim Sherrill is a local firefighter in Rocklin and has contracted with us on solar for not just one, but two different houses! It was incredibly inspiring to hear why he donated his $300 from our DC Solar Donates program to his past teacher and present mentor, Amy Chaney.


“Amy was my 10th grade English teacher and I spent a lot of time with her as a TA in her English classes in my junior year and she’s stuck around as a mentor in my life. She’s very passionate about the programs she runs at Center High School and she puts a lot of her free time in – including her own money. She just wants to help her students along.”


Amy has been running programs like Link Crew and MCA at Center High for years and has put all of her resources into encouraging students to partake in programs become a part of a  community.


“Amy used to do a big production in the theater and she would physically rip up a $100 bill. There was this big shpiel about how your experiences in life are far more important than money. She really cares about her students.”


When Tim graduated, he and Amy still kept in touch and she continues to serve as a mentor for him today.


“She stayed relevant as a mentor for a long time and even after high school – it’s just been a cool relationship to have because she’s really motivating and she’s a great personality to have known as a teenager growing into an adult.”


Tim came across DC Solar Donates when we introduced this program and were installing solar on his new home. This is his second time choosing us as his premier solar company!


“Chasin lives next to my previous captain Mat, and he talked me up on how solar is the best, how I had to get it, and how DC Solar Electric is the team to do it — so that’s how I got in touch with Chasin. They installed solar on my first house down the street and when I contacted them for my second house, I was happy to see that DC Solar Donates was available! My solar panel system is helping me save money because our house isn’t super heat efficient, so we had to use our heater and AC constantly. It’s nice to have a break now from those electric bills! Chasin, Eddie, and everyone else at DC Solar have been really cool are very upfront with how the whole process works.”


Since graduating high school, Tim has gone back to help Amy with her programs on numerous occasions and loves being involved in enriching students’ lives. He is confident that the $300 donation will go towards benefitting Amy’s programs and her students.


“Her donation is going straight into either MCA or Link Crew for funding. With Center High School not being in the most affluent area, I know they set aside some money for some of the kids who can’t afford the trips or the supplies needed. I know it’s going to a good place!”


Thank you Tim, and thank you to teachers like Amy doing amazing work in our communities! Learn how you can also benefit from solar power and give back to your community through DC Solar Donates today.

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