PG&E Rates Are Only Going To Keep Increasing Into 2019

//PG&E Rates Are Only Going To Keep Increasing Into 2019

PG&E Rates Are Only Going To Keep Increasing Into 2019


The future of PG&E is currently disheartening — especially for people relying on the business to keep their homes powered. Pacific Gas and Electric is the largest provider of power to residents in California, so the concern over rising prices is validated. PG&E was estimated to have a yearly increase of 7%, but due to the California Wildfire scandal, their rates are expected to increase at a much faster rate. Since filing for bankruptcy, PG&E is asking for permission to raise around $2 billion in new revenue from taxpayers. Yikes!

To avoid getting trapped in this increase, we’re aiming to help as many community members go solar in 2019 as we can! When installing a solar system, you’re making a worthy investment in your home and in yourself. Say goodbye to rising monthly costs and join our solar community by saving 98% on average over a 25-year period. No joke! We’ll personally create a customized plan for your family during our free consultation. There are amazing financial incentives and rebates that you can use to reduce the burden of solar installation prices and see immediate stability in your energy bill.

Californians are already stuck paying some of the highest electricity prices in the nation, and it’s only going to get more pricey. Get affordable energy without subjecting yourself to PG&E’s unreliable rates. Protect your home (and yourself) by investing in a top-quality solar system that’s guaranteed for 25 years! Contact our team and say goodbye to high utility rates today!

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