Avoiding Title 24 Solar Mandate Permitting Delays

When California’s Title 24, Section 6 Solar Mandate went into effect on January 1, 2020, a whole new level of permitting requirements were added to the general contractor’s responsibilities.  And, let’s face it, a whole new level of headache!  

Meeting all of the solar mandate compliance requirements is pretty challenging.  If the solar permit package is not put together properly and is initially denied, this can negatively affect the overall project schedule.

Engage Your Solar Contractor Early

When general contractors treat their solar contractors as they would any other subcontractor, and engage with them at the start of the project, those headaches can be easily avoided.  Solar permit packages are then provided at the same time as the other subs, making the overall permitting process streamlined and efficient.

For example, providing your solar contractor access to the roof plan ensures that the solar design meets up perfectly with the roof plan from the start.  When solar analysis and design, as well as diagrams, are coordinated with overall home design, everything is correct and aligns properly so that installation can be done seamlessly. Learn more about how to avoid the headaches of unnecessary permitting delays by downloading “Contractor’s Blueprint Guide to Title 24.”

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