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Backup Power

Keep your home or business going during a power outage with a solar system designed by DC Solar Electric. Our variety of solutions include whole home standby generators and backup batteries. Depending of the size of your home or business and what critical loads you prefer to be backed up, we can provide the perfect solution for you

Keeping Your Family and Business Safe

Harsh weather, rolling blackouts, natural disasters, and faulty electrical can cause outages in your home and at your business. But you can protect your family and your business with solar backup power from DC Solar Electric.

How Does Backup Solar Work?

A solar system with battery storage stores excess power that feeds into your battery where it’s stored until you need it. Excess beyond that goes back into the grid, giving you extra benefits from your utility company. This simple and reliable solution gives solar system owners peace of mind and confidence during an unexpected electrical outage.

Solar Installations

Learn more about solar energy for your home or business today. See photos of our residential and commercial solar energy projects and learn more about DC Solar Electric’s energy services.


Want to learn more about how solar energy works? With over 35 years of experience serving Northern California, we have all the answers to your frequently asked questions in our FAQs.

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