Solar for your Non-profit Is it worth it?


Homeowners and commercial property owners are switching to solar to help decrease their bills and overhead costs. As solar energy continues making headway in the energy arena, it’s becoming clear that the benefits outweigh the costs. Now non-profit organizations, including schools, churches, faith-based organizations, health care facilities, and affordable housing can take advantage of the advantages of solar energy. There are options like special financing which are now available for non-profit organizations, as well as special discounts for non-profit solar system purchases making it easier to take advantage of solar energy benefits. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help guide you to the best options for your organization.

Solar Benefits for Non-Profits

Savings Over the years

Non-profits can still take advantage of a solar system’s savings over its 30+ year lifetime. With electricity prices rising substantially each year, non-profits using solar energy can rely on a fixed low price that’s easy to budget into annual operating costs.

Savings outside the box

Switching to solar gives you an opportunity to engage with the community, raise additional support, and increase awareness of your organization’s mission. DC Solar Electric understands the unique challenges non-profits face and has the expert experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the process toward a more sustainable future of clean energy and a better financial position of lower monthly expenses. DC Solar Electric understands available non-profit solar incentives and has a substantial discount program for purchases. We also have extensive finance options specifically designed for non-profits including grants, loans, leases, responsible Power Purchase Agreements, and finance options from private investment partners.

Solar installation costs are going down and unique special financing options are available.


Solar FAQs

Want to learn more about how solar energy works? With over 35 years of experience serving Northern California, we have all the answers to your frequently asked questions in our FAQs.