Free Your Dental Practice From High Electrical Costs

Between the PG&E Public Safety Power Shut-offs and Rolling Black-Outs, we know how critical consistent electricity is to your dental practice. The solution to keeping your power on is simple: utilize the power of the Sun.

With solar power, your commercial building generates its own electricity and saves you money on your monthly bills. Big energy companies will do anything to keep this a secret. But, among all the stigma, how do you start breaking free?

The Truth

In only 5 years from 2012 to 2017, PG&E’s electrical costs increased 44%. Dropping this expensive burden and switching to an electric producing solar system is fast and easy. 

A common misconception when switching to solar is that it can take a long time to get off the main power grid. However, DC Solar Electric can install an electric producing solar system in a matter of days. All it takes to begin the process is to contact us and schedule a solar energy audit. We will take it from there.

When producing your own electricity, you protect yourself from the continual rising cost of utilities. After the initial installation investment, your solar electric system is absolutely free. Save over $250,000 in utility costs over the span of your 25 year warranty. After paying the installation off after 4 years, that is 21 years of FREE electricity.

Don’t wait until the price of electricity is too much. Give us a call today and break free.


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