Delivering Clean Energy to our Community


DC Solar Electric is proud of our commercial solar projects and our reputation as a premier commercial solar provider. We’ve compiled a number of solar case studies to showcase the depth and breadth of our commercial solar experience. Feel free to peruse the commercial solar case studies below to learn more about our solar solutions and how we help our customers switch to clean energy and save money.

Fruetel Farms

Total Savings over 25 years: $1,826,621
A distance of 750 feet separated the array site and the electrical point of connection, and the utility transformer was too small for the solar system.

Sierra Presbyterian

Total Savings over 25 years: $163,148
With limited funding, they have virtually no roof space adequate for a solar system and yet have power and backup needs that include a sanctuary, office building, and pre-school.

Denzler Family Dentistry

Total Savings over 25 years: $257,631
Dental offices use a huge amount of electricity, but Dr. Denzler was concerned with the expensive cost of solar.

Miwall Corporation

Total Savings over 25 years: $1,548,237
The Miwall Corporation was concerned with ever-increasing PG&E costs.

Lower your operating costs with solar energy and get protected from rising utility Rates.


Solar Installations

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