In the Market for a Battery Backup System? We Can Help You Find Out.

Picture this, the power is out yet again in a family-filled suburb. Yet one lone house on a dark street glows warmly with the lights on, the hum of the dryer going, as the smell of the oven cooking drifts through the air. Inside the children work away on laptops and grandma is warm enough to nap on the couch. This wonderful setting can only be brought to you by one thing and one thing only: battery backup power. 

As we talked about in an earlier blog, generators just can’t offer the backup power that most homeowners need. Running at maximum load is only recommended for about thirty minutes. Enter solar battery backup power to save the day or days as it may be! While many homeowners are recognizing the amazing freedom from utility bills and savings solar power provides, the huge benefit of owning a battery backup system has been flying under the radar. 

Your Safety Net: The Backup Battery

With PG&E acknowledging blackouts are here to stay for many years to come in Northern California, a good percentage of homeowners are upping their game to ensure their necessities are met. Leaving “the grid” and becoming self-sufficient is often critical in these times, ensuring kids get their schoolwork done, working from home runs smoothly and senior citizens have what they need to stay warm and have any medical devices working. Businesses small and large can also benefit greatly from battery power backup, avoiding closing and canceled appointments at a time when sales are sorely needed. 

DC Solar Electric’s customer-centered approach offers several backup battery options to provide our clients the power of choice and the ability to decide which manufacturer is best for them. We work with manufacturers such as Generac Power Systems, Emphase, Outback Power, Simpliphi, Tesla’s Powerwall, and others. Each system has unique benefits to meet the varying needs of our many clients. From business to residential, from rural to urban settings, we can help build a plan for the power footprint your property needs. Contact us today to get a quote and your questions answered. It’s time to get a clear look at how solar and battery backup power can save you money and power loss. We’ve worked with many homeowners and businesses and DC Solar Electric is here to help!

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