You’ll be amazed at what you can actually save by going solar!

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You’ll be amazed at what you can actually save by going solar!

We know that trying to understand what the best solar savings and solar incentives are can be confusing and even frustrating at times. You can see false promises, “cheap” deals, and many, MANY pop-ups. At DC Solar, we believe in full transparency. We want our consumers to be fully educated and confident in their decision to go solar! That’s why we’re doing a “break down” of our solar savings so you can effectively understand how you can save with us when going solar.


Save more than $196K over the life of your system!

DC Solar Electric Savings

Did you know that PG&E prices have risen 135% over the past fourteen years? There isn’t stability in the month-to-month prices you pay with your electric company, which can be incredibly stressful. With our project and installation quote, we will provide the exact return on your investment, the length of the payback period, and show you exactly what you can save every year. Typically, we have happy customers saving an extra hundred dollars a month who are able to pay off their solar system in about 5-6 years!

Unfortunately, today’s high increase in utility costs isn’t going anywhere. The average increase of utility costs in California alone over the last 30 years is 7% annually, and expected to increase to 10% going forward! Plus with PG&E’s unpredictable rates rising, this predicted rate could be shooting up to even higher than expected. This snowball effect continues year over year, and eventually by 25 years from now. you could have saved over $196,000.

Solar may be an investment, but the results prove to be a long term solution to saving on energy costs with no hidden fees. With solar, you can instantly save, and often with minimal or no upfront investment. Your cost will never increase compared to PG&E rates – which will continue to climb indefinitely! Still feeling unsure in your decision to purchase a solar installation? Try our free consultation to see just how much you can save per month. Our DC Solar family will help guide you from unsure to secure in your solar needs.

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