Battery Storage Matters In An Outage

Last Fall was an eye-opener for Dental and Healthcare offices as the blackouts took a toll on patient services and reliable power to critical equipment. According to FEMA, facilities should be better prepared as few have “full redundancy of power for their total operating capacity supplied through the emergency standby generator capability.” It was new territory for Californians, but one that is here to stay per PG&E, as this year we have already faced outages. How offices and facilities address this for the long term should look very different. Many will be considering more reliable options like Battery Backup provided by Solar Energy systems.

Why Not Just Use A Generator?

Unfortunately, generators do have limitations. Generator loads can often be overwhelmed, as they have a maximum and rated load, and either can be reached quickly. Rated load is the lower of the two, and is what a generator can carry for extended periods of time. Recent power outages have shown to be quite lengthy in California, and the scenario doesn’t mix well with rated loads. Running the generator at maximum load is only recommended for 30 minutes, definitely not supplying the power dental and health offices really need to continue work and keep all critical electric devices going.

How Does Battery Storage Ensure I Have Power During Outages?

Wouldn’t it be great to have power, even when no one else does? With battery storage provided by a solar system you can. How does it work? The excess power your solar panels have generated feeds into your battery for use when you need it. Any excess beyond that would go back into the grid which would provide benefits from your utility company. It’s a simple process that offers spectacular results.

You Have Questions. We Have the Answers.

Every dental and healthcare office has different needs, different equipment usage, and of course different concerns. DC Solar Electric is happy to discuss how solar and battery options can help your office or facility offer superior services through the toughest of times (and save some money on utilities while doing so). Contact us today – we’re here to talk.

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