DC Solar Electric, Inc. Unrelated to Current Fraud and Scheme Charges

dc solar

A common occurrence we’ve seen in our business is the mix-up with our name, DC Solar Electric, Inc. and the Bay Area company, DC Solar Solutions. We wanted to address recent concerns to our beloved community and make sure everyone is aware: DC Solar Electric Inc. is not DC Solar Solutions! Though we have incredibly similar names and work in solar, DC Solar Electric is not associated with anyone at the now-defunct company currently facing fraud and embezzlement accusations. Though we wish we could tell you we own those amazing cars that are currently up for auction, we’re just out here driving our ol’ branded trucks, talking to neighbors like you. 

We may not be a Nascar sponsor, but we’re an avid sponsor of our community! From teachers to school sports, giving back to our neighbors is our prerogative. We’re proud to be a Stevens family-run company that’s been serving Northern California for over 35 years! Instead of being investigated by the FBI, we’re investigating how much we can help you save on your electric bills when you go solar! 

We’re following the news just like you are and know how important having full transparency with our clients and community truly is. Fraud is no joke, which is why we want you all to know we will always deliver honest information, concrete expectations, and hold our whole team up to high standards. 

Have any questions or concerns we can help you with? We’re an open book. Give our team a call today!

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