Micro Inverter Update

At DC Solar our customers come first, and making sure that our energy systems run smoothly are our top priority. Our partners at Enphase have recently discovered an issue with their Micro Inverters that may or may not affect your system. Just in case, we want to share this information with everybody, to make sure you’re aware and covered. The information outlined below clarifies the issue and resolution we are expecting from Enphase.

Recovering IQ7 Micro Inverters

Enphase has detected an issue that is affecting the IQ7 family micro inverters worldwide, and our DC Solar Electric service team is doing everything we can to ensure our customers receive the update and that all micro inverters at their site are fully recovered. Enphase is working to push a software update to all their systems as quickly as possible.

How do I know if my system has IQ7 inverters?

It is likely that your system has IQ7 if the system was installed mid-2018 and any time after. To determine the model of your micro inverter, use the My Enlighten app. To download the app, click here. Open the My Enlighten app, Select Micro inverters then locate the model of your micro inverter next to the green dot.

How do I determine if my system is affected?

If you check your system through the My Enlighten app and there are panels that appear to be producing less power than its neighbor, your system may be affected.

As an example, please refer to the questions and answers below. The panel highlighted in black may be affected by the current IQ7 issue.

Please note that other factors may affect power production, such as shade. Should you have any questions about your system, please contact Woody Smith, Operations and Maintenance Manager at DC Solar Electric at 530-786-7070, Ext. 102.

Enphase Is Identifying and Pushing Updates

Once an affected IQ7 site has been identified, Enphase will push the update within 5 business days, and you can expect at least two weeks from the time the update is pushed to see the results. If the system does not fully recover, Enphase will provide replacements for the affected micros.

DC Solar Electric Has You Covered

In the event that your micro inverters do not recover fully, Enphase will ship replacements to DC Solar Electric, and under our family company lifetime warranty, our team will install these replacements at no cost to you. If your system needs replacement micros, our team will contact you to schedule an appointment for installation.

Additionally, there is a known issue with the monitoring site that we use to see all our systems, and Enphase is also working to correct that bug. If you believe your system is not reporting correctly, please contact DC Solar Electric for more information on how to reconnect your system. As a reminder, just because your system is not reporting to the monitoring cloud does not mean it is not producing power. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Woody Smith, Operations and Maintenance Manager at DC Solar Electric at 530-786-7070, Ext, 102.

View the Memo Here: Enphase IQ7 Update Memo on Letterhead 

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