Revealing the Grid Instability in California: What the Big Power Companies Don’t Want You to Know

California’s grid is failing. In September of 2020, the state experienced its first set of rolling blackouts in nearly 20 years. Since then, out-of-date infrastructure, increased demand, and extreme heat continue to contribute to the grid’s failure. As grid instability continues to become a pressing concern, so does the need for a reliable alternative. Customers like you need the reliability of power systems. With customers’ rates continuously rising, many have lost hope that they can have a future that offers more freedom at a less expensive rate. However, one excellent source of refuge for California homeowners is solar. Solar energy storage systems offer the opportunity to save thousands and gain more freedom with your power, even when the grid fails. Join us as we reveal California’s grid vulnerabilities, shed light on PG&E’s role, and provide insights into using solar power solutions that will save you time and money.

Unstable Grid

Blackouts and brownouts are growing in popularity during inclement weather, causing disruptions for homes and businesses. The staff of the California Energy Commission (CEC) mentioned if heatwaves hit, the electricity supplies that are available may not be able to keep up with the demand. With the grid in its current state, power outages could hit millions of homes.

This is in part because how we use power has changed – we rely on technology now more than ever, which means we need more electricity. Although we have greater and more complex energy needs, we are still working with a set of tools that were developed generations ago. Also the rise of remote work means more people are staying at home rather than working at the office, which leads to more individuals using power at the same time, placing stress on the state’s power grid. Additionally, California’s climate plan could increase electricity consumption by as much as 68% by 2045. California’s current grid can not completely handle this amount of consumption unless changes are made.

The demand is greater than what the grid can support, yet consumers are still paying a hefty price. Additionally, California’s average retail electricity price is double the national average, and the price will only continue to rise.

Overall, the infrastructure of California’s grid is outdated, and we need a better solution that is more dependable, gives you more freedom, and saves you money! The better solution is solar. Solar works in conjunction with the grid and helps reduce the cost of the electricity you use. Also, for those with solar energy storage systems, solar will not only help you save big, but it will also help you avoid blackouts. 

NEM 3.0

California’s solar energy policy has undergone a significant transformation with the arrival of NEM 3.0. This policy shift carries implications for solar energy credits, particularly for PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E customers, and it changed how customers get paid for their electricity. However, NEM 3.0 doesn’t stand in the way of your solar-powered savings journey. Whether you opt for solar with or without a solar energy storage system, you can still secure a cost-efficient and reliable energy future. We use state-of-the-art software that will help you save thousands despite NEM 3.0’s regulations. With our expertise, you’ll gain insights into how to save the most you can. You’ll also learn about the integration of solar energy storage systems, ensuring you make the most of your solar investment. So, don’t hesitate to explore the bright and positive possibilities that solar energy brings, and start saving today!

PG&E’s Rate Increases: Customers Held Hostage

Did you know PG&E raised their rates again? PG&E increased their rates by 8% this January 2023, and Californians are struggling. Based on projections from the California Public Utilities Commission, this could potentially surge to a 32% increase by 2026. Year after year, customers face higher energy bills, straining household budgets. This recurring cycle affects individuals’ financial stability and raises questions about the sustainability of such a model. As the burden of escalating energy costs becomes more pronounced, you can protect yourself by exploring solar power solutions that will benefit your future.

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