Savings Outside the Box

Understanding the challenges non-profits face

Non-profit organizations have the unique opportunity to look outside the box for their solar financing and often turn their needs into new opportunities to reach further into their community and beyond. Here are a few ways nonprofits can help fund their solar project.

  • Utilize an outside source: Non-profit organizations can work with a solar financier or third party who can monetize the tax credit and absorb the savings into the final price.
  • Fundraise: Nonprofits typically have a pool of donors who can help them raise the additional funding.
  • Get the community involved: Many non-profit organizations interact directly with their local community. Switching to solar gives them an opportunity to engage with the community, raise additional support, and increase the awareness of their organization’s mission.

Non-profit organizations have additional funding avenues including creating a solar co-op for supporters and taking advantage of community-owned power purchase agreements (PPA).

DC Solar Electric understands the challenges non-profits face and has the expert experience and knowledge to help you navigate non-profit solar incentives.

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