The SGIP Battery Revolution

Power Your Home Your Way at No Cost to You!

Who wants to hear about free money? 

That’s right! California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program is giving $900,000,000 starting 7/1/23 to residents for battery funding.

With California's power grid struggling to keep up with demand, your power company is more concerned with their bottom line than your energy needs. But with our battery storage systems, you can take control of your power and say goodbye to PG&E's peak-time rates and rolling blackouts.

The SGIP is a rebate program that rewards California residents for using renewable energy sources to generate their electricity, rather than relying solely on traditional utility companies “the grid”. By installing a battery storage system, you can protect yourself from power outages and enjoy a more reliable source of energy for your home or business.


No More Peak Time Rates!

Tired of the power companies peak-time rates controlling when you can do your laundry or heat your pool? With a battery storage system in place, you have the power to take control of your energy usage.

But that's not all. With your new battery system, you can take advantage of certain times of the day, month, or year when power companies incentivize you to send power back to the grid. Imagine receiving $2.60 per kW to discharge your battery during peak times. This is called Rate Arbitrage. By setting up your battery to back feed during high times, you can receive money back or, in some cases, a dollar-for-dollar credit towards your natural gas bill.


These Funds Will Go Quickly - Get In Now!

Don't wait until it's too late to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. 

The sooner you apply for California's Self Generation Incentive Program, the better your chances of qualifying for your share of the $900,000,000 in battery funding from July 1st, 2023. Reach out to our team NOW to be added to the list.


No Cost To You

This program is designed to make battery storage accessible for everyone. We offer financing on the $1000 refundable deposit, which means you can get started with zero out-of-pocket costs upfront.  You'll receive a refund check from the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) once your battery storage system is installed.

And the best part? Even though it's at no cost to you, you can still receive a 30% tax rebate on your battery storage system. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable energy source for your home, all while reaping the financial benefits.

Don't let the power company call the shots when it comes to your energy needs!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take advantage of the SGIP, receive a refund check, and qualify for a 30% tax rebate on your investment in a battery storage system from DC Solar Electric.

Stay Powered Up: Don't Get Caught Off Guard by California's Rolling Blackouts!

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