Commercial Solar Electricity

Electricity produced by solar power for commercial use greatly benefits businesses of all types.

Depending on your businesses location, commercial solar produced electricity can help reduce or even eliminate your dependence on the utility company’s power. The result of relying on the utilities power source is reflected every month on your bill, it’s not getting any cheaper.  Solar electricity can free your business and increase your profitability.

Why Companies should convert to solar

DC Solar Electric systems give you the company owners a step ahead of the competition and to gain a competitive edge. One of the best ways, is to consider one of our solar systems because it is a savings you can pass onto your customers that maybe other companies can’t.

To convert from the burden of the utilities electricity that is placed on you and switch to an electric producing solar system is fast and easy: A misconception with solar is that it takes a long period of time to convert from dependency to freedom, but Dc Solar Electric can put in the an electric producing solar system in a matter of a few days, a week at the most. The conversion to solar is fast and easy, once completed your business will be a producer of clean energy and will put you ahead of your competition.

For you the business owner, a DC Solar Electric solar system can be a benefit because not all business are big enough to have one. With a DC Solar Electric solar system, you can save money on your typical business expenses, and the solar systems can be installed quicker than you may think. A solar panel system is an investment that you the business owner might be on the fence about, but once you decide to go for it you will be glad you did.

Commercial benefits from using Solar Electricity 

Cost of operating: When producing your own electricity you protect yourself from the continual rising of utility costs. After the initial costs to installing your solar electric system, it is absolutely free to use the suns energy. Unlike the utility company’s monthly bill, solar doesn’t have bills.  Your company’s electric consumption will be cost free. No more guessing on the amount needed to cover next month’s bill.

Rebates: There are rebates available for businesses that convert to solar electric power. Once you produce enough clean electricity for your business the utility is obligated to credit back the excess production, simply put- your meter runs backwards.

Return on Investment: If you understand the benefits of solar produced electricity, then take a few minutes to understand that not only is the Return on Investment with Solar electricity, but you also get the continued benefits of the required utility company’s buyback program aka- (net metering).